About Smart-Brella

Taj Mahal Covers, Incorpoarted (a Michigan company) is parent company of SMART-Brella.com and manufactures and sells covers and accessories for motorized vehicles including cars, hot rods, motorcycles, trucks/SUVs as well as lawnmowers, grills and the like. We are passionate about [vehicle] covers; this is evident in our creative and innovative designs.

We welcome you to our online store and thank you in advance for visiting. Your purchase will be a pleasant experience.

Taj Mahal Covers, Incorporated is a five-year dream and vision, which began taking shape at the beginning of the 2009 calendar year. We saw a need, a void that was not being filled and began to gather the needed resources — financial and personnel, as well as cover material, all of which were necessary to bring our dream to reality. It was not the most financially friendly period for this venture, being in a recession and all, but being the types of visionary we are, helped us not to focus on the state of the current market place. We are happy we did not listen to the naysayers, and ventured as we did, into unknown territory.

SMART-Brella.com and the SMART-Brella products are a result of that focus and refusal to be deterred.

SMART-Brella vehicle products are sold direct to Smart dealerships and to other retail distributors nationally and in various countries, saving time and advertising and promotional costs. This creates cost-savings, which we then pass on to dealers, for example, who in turn pass said savings on to customers within dealer showrooms or on dealer web sites. We are excited about our relationship with our SMART dealerships and distributors believe in and sell Taj Mahal Covers Limited’s SMART-Brella. It is a joy to meet and experience new person’s everyday and we would not do it any differently.

Our aim is not to cover every conceivable vehicle available in the market-place; others are already doing so and we wish them much success in that effort. However, we do aim to be the best source for covers for the vehicle for which we do sell covers for. We will excel in the materials we use, the creativity of our covers and the various brands that fall under the Taj Mahal Covers, Incorporated umbrella, therefore gaining market share over the next three to five years by focusing on pleasing the customer and offering products second to none.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to call 888-885-0439, email  sales@smart-brella.com or complete our online contact form.

Thanks always.

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