Privacy Policy

At Taj Mahal Covers, Incorporated, we respect the privacy of our customers because we are not only business owners but we are customers ourselves. As such, information captured on is for internal use by TMC for company related purposes only. We do not sell our mailing or contact lists, neither do we share our email lists or personal information.

You can be confident that information shared with us will be kept internally and in strict confidence.

Do note, however, that we may send emails, giving you advanced notice of special offers and discounts. These types of emails are optional, so if you do not wish to receive notices of special offers or announcements via email, we include an unsubscribe link where you may remove yourself from our contact database and no longer receive email notices from

What information does Taj Mahal Covers collect?

Taj Mahal Covers, Incorporatedcollects just enough information to process your order and which is needed to further contact you if there are any problems during the order processing process. Your email address is used as your personal identifier. We use this to send you information regarding your order, the status of said order and to, optionally, send sales or product offers if you have agreed to receive such offering.

All order verifications and status updates are sent via email to you at your email address that we keep on file for this specific purpose. You may access your order status on our web site and update your contact information as you see fit.

Does Taj Mahal Covers use Cookies? If so, how?

Computer cookies are small text files with a small amount of information that are stored on your hard drive through your web browser. As an example, to properly store the contents of your shopping cart, we use cookies. Also, cookies are used to communicate between your computer and our website database to let us know that you are logged into our system. We do not use cookies to extract any personal or marketing related information from existing cookies that are already stored on your computer. We cannot access these files… only what we store on your system for the purposes already noted above.

In a nut shell, at Taj Mahal Covers, we use cookies to track what’s in your shopping cart and whether or not you’re logged in to your account on our web site.

Cookies are widely used by many major web sites for this purpose including Yahoo!, Dell, and many others.

To learn more on how to enable cookies on your browser click here.

What does Taj Mahal Covers, Incorporate do to protect collected personal, financial information?

Again, we do not share your personal and financial information in any way.

All vital personal and financial information is protected with industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption using industry-leading Symantec Corporation’s technology. You can view this secure certificate information any time by clicking on the browser lock symbol (in the upper left corner in the website address field and choosing Certificate from the dropdown menu). You may also learn more about how we have partnered with McAfee to protect your information.

Finally, any time you must share personal or financial information such as home address or credit card information, we transmit that credit card number or other information in an encrypted format.

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