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Custom Car Covers and More for Smart Car Lovers

We understand your passion for cars, and honestly, we share it with you. At SMART-brella.com (a subsidiary of Taj Mahal Covers, Limited), we offer only the best in covers and other quality accessories to personalize and protect your Smart vehicle. With a custom cover that fits your Smart car perfectly, with regular use, your SMART-brella car cover for your Smart car helps to keep its clear-coat shiny and in new-vehicle condition. At SMART-brella.com, we specialize in accessories for the Smart car. We keep car covers in stock so order today and experience the uniqueness of a vehicle cover that is easy to put on and take off and which is second to none that are available in the marketplace for your Smart car.

Buy here or from one of our retailers who also carry the one-of-a-kind car cover for the Smart car. Whether you buy from there or here, you get the same quality product designed by automotive engineers and designers over 13 years ago and which, today, is a style that still transcends what is available.

We know you are particular about your Smart car and want to protect it with the best cover possible. Well, you have found it here so buy with confidence and protection for your Smart vehicle from damage caused by:

UV rays
Acid rain
Bird droppings/tree sap
Sleet/Freezing rain
Ice/and more

Our SMART-brella vehicle covers are perfect for use indoors as well outdoors. Since we only make covers for the Smart car, you are can be assured the item fits perfectly every time, functions as it should in the varying weather events and it lasts long enough to give you the best bang for your investment.

And speaking of making your SMART-brella vehicle cover last, our covers are easy to maintain and are easily stowed before and after every use to help to extend its useful life. Each of our covers comes equipped with a storage bag, attached to the cover so it won’t get lost, so you can pack and store the cover when not in use; every time. There is no need to fiddle around looking for where to store it.

Even more, if you have any questions or just want to give feedback, you can do so at any time, on our SMART-brella.com website where well-informed Smart car fans will read and promptly reply to your Smart car accessory need.

Buy and cover your Smart car today and experience SMART-brella vehicle cover that is the perfect gift for every Smart car owner. Since we started our car cover company (Taj Mahal Covers, Limited) in 2009, we have made excellent customer service our priority. We provide a quality product and stand behind it like a bulldog and today, we can confidently say that we have not failed in that regard. Many have bought and attested to their satisfaction. We are sure you will too. And, if you buy and are not completely satisfied with your SMART-brella cover for your Smart car, return it or reach out to us and we will promptly address any reasonable concerns you have.

Truthfully, we want every experience with us to be positive. Every time. That is our commitment.

Call us at (888) 995-7383 or contact us through our online form to see how we can help you if you have an issue.

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